Geraldton Motoring Guide - Edition 196 - 12th July 2019

Feature Vehicles • New Cars • Used Cars 12th July - 25th July 2019 FREE - Edition 196 Safety first Toyota will significantly increase the safety technology offered on its HiLux with the addition of Toyota Safety Sense driver assistance features as part of a range-wide upgrade arriving over the coming months. MORE ON PAGE 2 [D1]Recommendeddriveawayprice(RDP)shown isapplicableforPrivatecustomers,Bronze,andSilverFleetcustomers,andprimaryproducers,onlyat SDUWLFLSDWLQJGHDOHUV 2ƩHUDYDLODEOHRQQHZ-DQXDU\ WR-XO\ EXLOWPRGHOVSXUFKDVHGEHWZHHQ DQG XQOHVV H[WHQGHG 5'3LQFOXGHV PRQWKVUHJLVWUDWLRQ PRQWKVFRPSXOVRU\WKLUGSDUW\LQVXUDQFH &73 DPD[LPXPGHDOHUGHOLYHU\FKDUJHDQGVWDPSGXW\ 0HWDOOLF 3UHPLXPSDLQWDWDGGLWLRQDOFRVW 7R\RWDUHVHUYHVWKHULJKWWRDPHQGWKHRƩHUDQGWHUPVDWDQ\VWDJH Geraldton Toyota 339 Marine Terrace, Geraldton MD7141 MRB150 T: 08 9964 0000 At Geraldton Toyota PRADO GXL TURBO-DIESEL AUTO FROM $ 66,990 DRIVEAWAY [D1] 03112